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AlwaysLove Publishing

"Love in All Ways, Always"- Mr. Aeio

"Love is a way of life; a universal truth; a moral, value, and standard each and every individual experiences and upholds; a lifestyle where everything is founded on Love: relationships with ourselves, relationships with others, actions, feelings, thoughts, purposes, etc. Therefore, join me in exploring and welcoming Love. By accepting, embracing, and proclaiming Love we can align ourselves with a fate incredibly remarkable."- Aeio

Bird Band

by Aeio

Aeio (1).png

“Twweet, twweet, twweet, twweeiit,”


Hopeful and joyful, Hue, a bird, grows to realize and speculate the imbalances of her world. Even when others are able to rationalize their existence, she wonders why her heart beats otherwise. Not able to ignore or silence her heart, she courageously chooses to follow it. By doing so, and unbeknownst to her, Hue sparks a turning point toward positive change; one that embodies love for all. 

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