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Our Members

At Empathy for All Beings, our goal is to create a world free of exploitation and abuse and full of unconditional love, empathy, and understanding.


Chloe Moers


Chloe is an animal rights activist, author, environmental justice warrior, and the founder of Magenta Sun Healing (providing animal communication, animal reiki, classes, videos, and vegan meal plans). She was a litigant for Natures Trust RI (a student-led lawsuit in RI fighting climate change) for 4 years. She has been a paid climate change guest speaker, has won several business competitions for Magenta Sun Healing, and founded a branch of Reiki called Unconditional Love Reiki. Her 17 books include The Complete Guide to Veganism, Mother Ocean; Fish Sentience and the Power of Change, Unconditional Love Reiki (3 books in the series), The Gift of Fruit; the Art of Fruit Love Healing, Opening Our Heart to Communicate with All Life, Raw Vegan Recipes and Guide, Living in Love, Learn the Art of Channeling, You are Infinite, Inside the Mind of a Turkey: from Birth to Plate, Diary of a Dairy Calf: my first 100 days, How to Communicate with Animals, How to Manifest a Compassionate World, Traveling Into the Past: Including a Guide on How to Experience Past Life Regression, and Messages from the Animals of Costa Rica. She was a volunteer at Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary for a few years and has always had a passion for helping animals. Her goal is for all animals to be free from human exploitation, abuse, and use. 

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