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Resources, Organizations, Recipes, and More

The goal of Empathy for All Animals is to spark compassion and empathy within people in order for people to treat animals with kindness and to view animals as neighbors and family instead of meals. We provide education, compassion, and assistance- but there is so much more that can be done. Below is a list of organizations, resources, recipes, and nonprofits for you to connect with. Thank you for your empathy and open mind/heart.

How Conscious Can A Fish Be Documentary

This documentary is a must-watch. It covers fish consciousness, feelings, experiences, intelligence, and more! It is truly an eye and heart opener. 

The Game Changers Film

This documentary showcases health, fitness, the true power of plants, and the potential of the human body. You can find it on Netflix, Youtube, and other platforms.

The Invisible Vegan is a documentary by Jasmine C. Leyva, that explores the problem of unhealthy dietary patterns in the African-American community, foregrounding the health and wellness possibilities enabled by plant-based vegan diets and lifestyle choices.

Carnage: Simon Amstell

A mockumentary set in 2067 Britain, where meat, eggs, and dairy are outlawed. In this brave new world, animals roam free, and there is no such thing as veganism, only “carnism”. This film really shows the absurdity of eating animals and exploiting them.

Wonderful Blogs and Helpful Websites


World Citizen Tati

A blog filled with so many incredible resources and connections! You can find so much valuable and helpful information here!


Books, films, websites, recipes, funding, resources, and more! All in 1 document.

Northern Lights

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Fashion

This article contains helpful information on vegan and cruelty-free fashion. It offers many useful links that go more in-depth on alternatives to silk, leather, wool, and more.

Blue Smoke

Happy Cow

This website is incredible for finding vegan-friendly restaurants, cafes, and shopping stores near you! You just put in your zipcode and receive results.

Vegan Playlist

A website that creates a playlist of educational and inspiring vegan videos for you to explore.    

A Guide to Vegan Skin Care

This guide includes resource links to all information relating to vegan and cruelty free skin care; including an ingredient fact checker, skin treatments, ethical brands, and more.

Green Leaves


Job board and listings, resources, blog, investments, and events. This is a great platform for expanding your knowledge and sharing your skills

Animal Rebellion

This website offers animal rights centered campaigns, events, information, and volunteer opportunities.

Recipe Youtube Channels

Below is a list of a few helpful Youtube Channels that we recommend.

Pick Up Limes

This youtube channel provides delicious recipes and meal ideas including budget meals, lunch ideas, tasty drinks, recipes from different cultures, cooking tips, simple meals (and complex ones), and so many flavorful dishes to choose from! 

Peaceful Cuisine

Peaceful Cuisine offers amazing recipes from around the world- including traditional Japanese dishes made vegan. The atmosphere of these videos is very soothing and relaxing. 

Vegan But Lazy

Vegan But Lazy offers simple, yet delicious, comfort food recipes. These recipes are great for new cooks, college students, or those on a tight schedule. 

Nutrition Refined

NutritionRefined offers healthy vegan recipes that are simple to make and free from refined sugars. They also offer several raw recipes.


Avantgardevegan offers delicious and innovative recipes, adding a cruelty-free and creative twist to traditional foods. This youtube channel is fun and interactive. You can find many high-protein vegan recipes here as well.


Goodful is a Youtube channel offering different vegan recipes and perspectives from a range of individuals. One of their videos is called "Vegan Foods Around the World" (including the recipes). 

Rainbow Plant Life

Rainbow Plant Life offers many delicious vegan recipes. I love their Indian recipes especially, but they offer everything from pasta dishes to crunch wraps!

Shine with Plants

Shine with Plants offers plenty of delicious vegan recipes for the whole family to enjoy! They include what their feed their children, as well as vegan food during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They offer plenty of delicious African recipes as well!

Airam's Vegan Vida

Airam's Vegan Vida offers delicious Mexican recipes! Spice up your life with the offerings from this channel.

Educational Youtube Channels

Below is a list of a few helpful Youtube Channels that we recommend for new vegans.

Earthling Ed

This channel provides incredible information, facts, and resources. They even started their own animal sanctuary and vegan non-profit restaurant. They provide activism, discussion, information, and more.


This Youtube channel offers everything from recipes, vegan news, vegan beauty products, celebrity trends, explanations of misinformation, why it is beneficial to go vegan, and more!


This channel is very educational and it showcases news- all around veganism. You can find videos featuring doctors, educators, animal-agriculture farmers, and more! This channel also offers many health related videos and misconceptions around veganism. They even offer wonderful short films.

Physicians Committee 

This channel is created by doctors- the physicians committee for responsible medicine- with the purpose of ending animal testing, animal use, and spreading a plant-based diet to help humans health and save the lives of animals. 

Mic the Vegan

Mic the Vegan offers videos looking at health and answering the opinions and comments of high-profile individuals. This channel is very informative and straight to the point.

This Youtube Channel focusses on effective activism, the rights of all sentient life, vegan guides to social events, and truly shares the perspective of animals. 

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